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The House of Representatives recently passed a watered-down version of the USA Freedom Act. This bill does not end bulk data collection and may actually help bolster NSA surveillance powers.

The Senate still has an opportunity to correct this - especially the Judiciary Committee which is headed by Sen. Pat Leahy, the co-author of the original Freedom Act.

Call Senator Leahy and tell him to fix the Freedom Act so that it truly reins in NSA abuse, or kill the bill.

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As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Patrick Leahy has the ability to amend the USA Freedom Act so that it includes real surveillance reforms, such as ending bulk data collection. There is clearly momentum for such reforms. The House, perhaps realizing the error of their ways, recently voted to end backdoor searches by the NSA. If real reforms cannot be introduced back into the Freedom Act, the committee should use its power to kill the current version of the bill.

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