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by Firedoglake

Great news: the Maryland House of Delegates voted to approve marijuana decriminalization! Now that the bill has passed the House and Senate, it's on its way to Governor Martin O'Malley's desk, and we need to make sure he signs it into law. The governor has previously supported marijuana reforms, signing medical marijuana legislation for the state in 2013. However, his office maintains they haven't quite made up their mind about decriminalization.

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Hi, my name is {name} and I'm calling today to urge Governor O'Malley to sign marijuana decriminalization into law. Maryland has one of the highest rates of arrest for marijuana possession in the country, and the number of arrests have been rising dramatically each year. Furthermore, the racial disparity in these arrests is staggering: black people account for 58% of all marijuana arrests in the state. By signing this bill the governor would be striking a blow against institutionalized racism and freeing up Maryland law enforcement resources to pursue serious crimes. Will the governor sign this bill into law?

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