Kiriakou public stand

by Firedoglake

Virginians like you are in a special position to help torture whistleblower John Kiriakou.

We want members of Congress to pressure the Bureau of Prisons to relocate John to a halfway house ASAP. John is a resident of Virginia and we need to urge his senator, Mark Warner, to speak out on his behalf.

Call Sen. Warner and ask him to support one of his most patriotic constituents in this time of great need.

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As a constituent of Sen. Warner, I'm calling today to ask that he support fellow Virginian John Kiriakou. John is a heroic whistleblower who helped expose the CIA's inhumane torture program. He is currently serving a 30 month sentence for violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. This is all based upon an e-mail he sent responding to a journalist who asked if he knew a named undercover former intelligence officer. John responded that he did know the officer and he did not believe that officer would speak to the journalist. That name was never made public and John had no intent to harm national security by answering the journalist's questions. John is eligible for halfway house time now under Bureau of Prison guidelines. In fact, the Bureau had previously promised John a transfer, but has gone back on that deal. Transfer to a halfway house would put him closer to his five children and allow him to resume a productive life in society. I implore the Senator to use his power to see that John is moved as soon as possible.

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